Psychology Of Hatred

Hatred, an unwanted but unavoidable emotion.

Psychology Of Hatred

Let's think

Purpose: The purpose of this write up is to explore the emotion of Hatred superficially.

Motivation: Motivation comes from common day to day observation and appreciation of this emotion that plays a role in a broad range of individual and cultural manifestations.

We are certainly not born with hatred. It’s not a primary emotion. Primary emotions are those that a human baby is born with. I mentioned them in my last blog on fear that in addition to fear it is anger, sadness and happiness making them total of four according to one understanding. Hatred is not one of them.

Everyone in the world has their own world view. Whether one identifies oneself as an Evolutionist  or as a Creationist or is honestly sitting on the fence unable to decide between two, the exposure to emotions is inevitable and in this write up I am taking a simple direction that…

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